Friday, March 28, 2008

Do I Need to Apologize?

I don't think I need to apologize and therefore, I won't. I admit, I am a Wal-Mart kind of person. My favorite uniform is jeans and sweats. No one has to shop there and for those who think boycotts will help, go for it. Do I like all their business practices? No, I don't. But they are legal actions. Clothes from China or Bangladesh? Check labels at Bergner's or Macy's - you will find them there too.

Reclaiming insurance money? Not nice, but very legal. Would other corporations sue to return the funds? Of course they would, and they have.

Sorry, but an orange is an orange. When my choice for oranges is $.50 or $.88 each, guess which one I am choosing? But then there are other items. I have never bought meat from Wal-Mart - seems like it is more expensive and seldom on sale. Mostly the meat comes from Kroger's. Dog and cat food from Wal-Mart.

I drive a KIA - Enough said.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, How True

Funny e-mails land in the "You've Got Mail" box all the time. Sometimes I share them with a person or two, but this one takes the cake. It deserves to be seen. It helps to explain "Mars vs. Venus. And it made me laugh. That is the best part, being able to step back and take a look in the mirror. Enjoy! (cut and paste the link)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Coming!

March 2nd, a high temperature of 69 degrees. At 7 PM it is still 61 degrees. I know it is just a tease since temperatures fall back into the 30's for the week ahead and some snow is still in the forecast. It was still great to turn the furnace all the way off today, to open a window and let the fresh air come through. The plastic came off four windows - a show of real optimism. Eighteen days until the Vernal Equinox. Yes, today is just a tease, but spring is coming! I think people are ready! I know I am! Welcome Spring!