Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over Five Months

It has been over five months since I have posted a new blog post.  I am not very consistent, but this has been an extended period of silence.  Nothing is wrong.  Just have not been motivated to write.  It has been a long winter, not a bad one, just long.

Have to say that Fridays this winter have not been bad.  Friday is the day I walk dogs and it seems like rain and snow missed on Friday.  Had a few cold mornings, but over-all, dog walking has been good.

On March 24th, the day of the big snowfall, we had the celebration of life service for my niece who had passed away on March 16th at the age of 51.  Damn diabetes!  Rest in peace, Kim.

Had a serious scare with my son who spent almost a week in the ICU with a severe case of cellulitis. The antibiotics  finally kicked in and surgery with tissue removal and possible bone scraping was avoided.

Still going to the gym pretty much every day and maintaining the 20 pound (average) weight loss and so happy to be back in the skinny jeans.  I have given myself a five pound range so I don't get crazy with the numbers.  Have gone over it a couple of times, but have gotten right back on track instead of going "full steam ahead" as I have done in the past.  More determined than I have ever been.  Eating more healthy than I have ever done.  Even have Chia seeds and Quinoa in the cabinet and pomegranate juice in the fridge.  I have eaten kale for the first time in my life and snack on pistachios.

The little red truck has gone to the scrap yard.  I loved that little red truck, but decided I did not want to put any more money into its' repairs.

Grandkids are growing up.  Softball practice has started and there is a violin recital coming up this month.

I am looking forward to hiking now that the weather is beginning to break.  I have gone on a couple of short walks, but I want to hit the trails.  Been fighting off a bout of anger, and nothing soothes this restless soul like being in the Temple of the Tall Trees.

Life goes on.