Saturday, January 2, 2010


After the attempted bombing of the inbound airplane at Detroit on Christmas Day, I wondered about how it would be flying into Detroit on 12/29. Even more, I wondered how it would be flying out of Detroit on 1/1/10! There was very little change leaving Peoria at 6:25 AM. Perhaps an extra security person or two, but otherwise the only change was the need to show the boarding pass as I walked through the scanner and again to the crew when I boarded the plane.

I don't know how screening went for international travel, but leaving Detroit was a breeze. There were several more security personnel than usual, but they were just standing around (observing, I am sure). There was no need to be at the airport two hours before flight time. The almost non-existent line at security moved quickly. The only difference was the request to place the shoes on the conveyor belt rather than in the plastic tub. Again, the flight crew checked the boarding pass. They did count passengers and compare passengers to their flight list.

I did not notice any hesitation on the part of fellow travelers on either flight. I still love to fly and will take advantage of any opportunity to hop a plane!