Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, My Goodness!

Just left Eamon Patrick's Sunday brunch buffet. Now, I like a good buffet and I like a good breakfast, but I have to say, this was absolutely the best Sunday brunch I have been to. Cheese eggs were not runny and there was lots of cheese. Shepard's Pie was to die for! Biscuits and gravy were probably the best I have had. Omelet bar, Belgium waffles, fruit, salads, and other items too numerous to mention. And the desserts! Creme puffs, cheesecake, tarts, turnovers, pie and chocolate cake - enough to please any palate.

Eamon Patrick's Sunday brunch buffet is definitely on my "at least once a month" list! $12.95 + drink and tax and worth every penny.

By the way, there was a great looking Bloody Mary bar, too! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time Will Tell

A little experiment is being run at my house. I want to see what happens to the electric usage when all those little lights are not on. I unplug the microwave and only plug it in when I want to use it. I have to turn the Bunn Coffee maker on in the morning to heat the water since I turn off the surge protector that it is plugged in to. Surge protectors also get turned off at the T.V. and stereo equipment. Even the little T.V. upstairs. The phone with the light is unplugged unless I am downstairs where I might need it. All the lights in the house have CFL light bulbs in them. Chargers are unplugged when not in use. Even the computer's surge protector is turned off when the computer is not in use. No more little lights blinking on the modem or anywhere for that matter. Except for the alarm clock. Guess I am too lazy to re-set it every night. Should go get a wind up one. Naw, I would forget to wind it.

Will it make much of a difference. I don't know yet. Time will tell.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

And On It Goes

The porch and new front door, that is! The window is back in its' rightful spot, but still needs to be dressed out.

With some good weather, quite a bit should get done next week. It is hard to make rapid progress when the work is done evenings and Saturdays. But I am patient. I said that the longer the job takes, the more opportunity I have to pay down the home equity loan to do more!

I bought a new porch light today.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Watch That First Step

I should feel guilty (I don't), but I titled this photo "Keeps the Jehovah's Witnesses Away". The porch floor has been removed and there are several of the cross supports that need to be replaced. Looks like the decision to do the porch was made just in time. I knew it was not in good shape, but I did not think it was this bad.

"Watch that first step" when you open the front door is all I can say. The porch floor has to be done before the siding can be started on the front of the house. I was told that the beveled glass window will be ready next week. This morning I decided to stimulate the economy again. With new doors for the side and front, new storm doors seemed to be required for the back and side doors. They are still in the box, but will look good when they go up. The drive way side of the house is beginning to take shape.

Is this really my "This Old House"? The wood seen above the siding will be wrapped in white. I am really looking forward to that part of the project.

Stay tuned.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Up It Goes

The siding is going up! The bottom part of the back and all of the back porch are done. It will definitely look like a different house when the job is complete.

Bought a new door for the front and for the driveway-side entrance. I have been watching closely and asking questions. And, no, the guys have not killed me yet for bothering them. They know I want to learn how to do things myself. I have decided to try to do the siding on the garage. I think I can do it. May have to ask more questions though and get a new tool or two (I don't have a good pair of snips), but I really want to do it! The other DIY project I want to do is glass block the basement windows. I have been told that the new systems are easy to work with, but we shall see.

Hope the weather holds!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Siding has been delivered! It is a nice "sand" color. Very light and not yellow, so I am happy and can't wait for it to start to go up. Basically I asked the installer to get a sand or off-white (cream) - as long as it didn't cost more than white. I had not seen the color until today. I said, "I trust your judgment" and he didn't let me down. Also on the trailer are the boards for the new front porch floor. Looking forward that going into place also.

Then it will be time to do the finish work inside as the windows get trimmed out. For the first time, I am able to open every window in the house. There were several that were painted shut and had not been opened for as long as I have lived here and who knows how much longer. Only one snag so far. The solder in the beveled glass window in front has been sun/heat damaged over the years and needs to be repaired before it is placed back in its position.

The glass is warped and several of the little "panes" are loose. I will call around and see if I can find a glass shop that can repair it. Otherwise it is off to the Habitat Re-Store to see what they have or try to find reasonable (ha-ha) stained glass.

I took a good look at the garage roof today. It really needs new shingles. I guess it will have to be added to the ever-growing list of things I want done in time to get it paid for before retirement. If I keep going, I may never get to retire!