Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Night Out Against Crime

The first Tuesday in August has been set aside as National Night Out for over 25 years and hosted in Peoria for 12 or 13 years.  Last night the occasion was marked in several neighborhoods throughout Peoria, including the East Bluff.  In years past, East Bluff neighborhoods held their own events, almost seeking bragging rights as to which could "do it best".  For the last couple of years, Serenity, Glen Oak and East Bluff United neighborhoods have joined forces to sponsor the event.  Still, the emphasis was on agencies passing out information and goodies (I am still using my pens from PDC last year), fire trucks, Armadillos, and food.  A block party for lots of blocks.

The media was there.  We had WMBD/Fox 43, PJS and Dennis Eggemeyer coordinating PCCEO's Captions coverage of events. 31/43 had nice coverage on the local news and PJS had a good photo of the diverse group that formed to "take it to the streets".  A commenter on PJS said the "gangbangers had a good laugh".  Perhaps they did, but it very well may not be the last laugh.  There are many of us in the East Bluff that are committed to change, positive change and transformation.

 Residents were joined by a number of dignitaries, area pastors, candidates and elected officials.  There was an announcement concerning the Peoria Reads' Don't Shoot initiative. Signs were made by the children at the Boys & Girls Club and by volunteers.  Everyone proudly donned their tee-shirts showing their commitment to the neighborhood.  Some people who were present were: States Attorney Jerry Brady, Sheriff Mike McCoy, Chief Steve Settingsgaard, Mayor Jim Ardis, Senator Dave Koehler, candidate for Senate Pat Sullivan, Councilman Tim Riggenbach, among others.

  Residents pledged to the East Bluff, determined to show "We Own It" marched behind our banner.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Detweiller Park

I have driven through Detweiller Park numerous times over the years.  I have taken pictures of beautiful fall colors there and stopped at the playground when I had little kids, but I had never hiked any of the trails.  "Back in the day", I wasn't doing any hiking.  I printed out the map of the trails, but forgot to take it with me.  I went on a fairly short hike, but there will be more to come.  I am glad that trail maps are available on the Peoria Park District website.

Entering the park from Route 29, a visitor sees the Korean War Veteran's Memorial and the remnant of an ancient tree.  From that point, I turned left to find the first of the trails I would walk.  I started with the River Overlook trail.  It is a short climb uphill that comes out on Detweiller Drive.  I did not know that it picks up on the other side of the road and turned around.  There was no view of the river on the part of the trail that I walked.  Will have to give it another try!

I drove on down toward the sand volleyball court where Dry Run Trail and the Pimiteoui Trail begin.  There are more trails to be explored and I am looking forward to the adventure.

Walk on!