Friday, November 30, 2007

It Is Official!

I guess it becomes official that you are in the organization when your picture and bio go up on the organization's web site. I received an e-mail from Leah linking to her employer's web site. If you scroll down, there she is in the fifth position! New photo and cool bio.

Although being new to classroom teaching, she learned fast - she stopped and bought $20.00 worth of music for her students tomorrow. I wonder how much the average teacher spends a year getting essentials for the students?

Not only is this a great job, it is with an amazing non-profit organization who's focus is increasing participation of the minority community in classical music, as a performer or audience member. Way to go, Leah!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Visit

This evening I returned from a Thanksgiving visit with my daughter, Leah. It was good to see her. When your child moves to Detroit, you have to wonder if she is safe, given the reputation of Detroit. I loved the little neighborhood she lives in. We walked to the local Coney Island for breakfast on Friday morning. On the way back to her house, we stopped in the local bakery and picked up a couple of apple fritters for later. The bakery reminded me of Trefgzer's. A variety of shops and stores lined the street less than two blocks from her house. Old urbanism that the New Urbanists try to recreate! Their street is lined with little 1920's bungalows. The kitchen is antiquated but fun. When was the last time (if ever) that you saw a stove like the one in the picture? I guess I will have to give up some of my old pastel appliances. They will look much better in her home. That kitchen really needs the pink ice crusher and turquoise mixer. The bathroom has pink fixtures and plastic "ceramic" tile on the walls. Of course the tile is gray with pink trim! An archway takes you from the dining room to the living room. There is a little front porch to sit on while watching the world go by.

We drove through downtown Detroit a couple of times. It was clean and beautiful. I know there are areas of Detroit that are ugly, I saw some. But it was nothing like I remember from a number of years ago. On Friday, we went down to where she works. The office was closed, but the guard for tower four of the GM building let her take me up. Her office overlooks the Detroit River. She has a clear view of Windsor, Ontario. I would be daydreaming all the time. With the freeway and interstate system that crisscrosses the city, it takes longer to go from the parking deck to her office than it does to drive to work.

She has a nice young man for a mate, a challenging job, increasing music gigs and a comfortable home. She is happy. I saw it for myself and that makes me happy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Introducing Oliver


I couldn't get the newest member of the family to turn around, but my goodness he is beautiful. A friend suggested the name Oliver (ripe olive) and I think the name is going to stick. It is a strong name for a beautiful, strong kitty! Oliver arrived this evening after testing negative for feline leukemia and feline aids. He weighs in at 12 pounds. His coat is shiny and his tail is long and bushy. He has met the dogs and most of the cats. He seems to be getting along amazingly well. The dogs do not even seem to bother him much.

Very cool cat!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oops! I'm Doing It Again

February 9th of this year was a sad day. I came home for lunch and found one of my cats dead. I have no idea why Leo died. He just did. I have not gotten used to saying I have 8 cats. In my mind I still had 9. As you can tell, I love cats!

There have been numerous trips to PAWS just to "look". There have been some attractive cats, some I stopped to talk to and to pet. But none of them talked to me, until today.

I am in the process of removing some clutter from my office. Part of that clutter was a box full of printer cartridges. PAWS recycles cartridges. Good reason to pay a visit. Once the cartridges were handed over I decided to take a quick tour of the animal cages, just to say hello, of course. Past the dog cages. There were some cute ones, but easy to resist. On to the cat room. I did not make it to the puppy room.

Past the cages in the cat room. So sad, so many kittens. Tiny faces, barely audible meows and looking so sad. Climbing the cages in an effort to get closer, to get attention and to get a home. Kittens have an easier time finding homes, but some of them may not. Again, so sad. I looked at the adult cats. A beautiful long haired calico, a black and white tuxedo, various shades of tiger striped cats and a very pretty gray were curled up in corners or near the bars. Some moved when I approached their cage, some did not.

Then I heard the unspoken voice, saying "I'm here, look at me". I walked up to the cage and there he was. A large (although a little thin) long haired black cat. Fluffy tail and a shaggy mane; his fur shining like black satin. I look at his card and there is no blue dot. No one has chosen this beauty, until now. My first thought was, "No, I can't, not again!" On second thought, I took the card to the desk and waited in the little room while they went to bring him to me.

We were in the room alone. He curled up comfortably in my lap, butted his head against my hand if I stopped petting him. He let me pull apart the hair on his neck that enabled me to remove a tiny mat. We got on the floor. He played with the LED light from the flashlight on my key chain. He said meow. I said you are mine.

The papers are all filled out. I can pick him up Monday afternoon. I have called the Vet so I can have him tested for feline aids and feline leukemia before I bring him home and introduce him to the sounds and smells of his new home. I have had plenty of practice introducing a new cat to the brood. Smokey, Skyler, Harriet, Trumpkin, Caspian, Libby, Rush and Gustov will have a new housemate if all goes well. The beautiful black cat does not have a name yet, but will likely have one by the time we are home from the Vet. I am thinking he is an "Oliver", but I am not sure yet.

Mikki & Minni will notice that there is a new cat to chase, they will sniff, bark once or twice and then curl up on the couch as usual.

Nine cats and two dogs make a house full of love and fun. I hope the kittens find a loving home. I know one large, long haired black cat has.

Yes, I did it again. Welcome home kitty.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clicked to Quick

My daughter Leah and her boyfriend, John
My son Brian with his wife Sherri and my grandbaby, Angie.

As I was going through the "dashboard" list of my posts, I clicked a button, and poof - I wiped out a tribute to my kids. Since then, the spirit has not moved me to post. I want to re-write one, but it needs to be right and I need to be in the right mood to do it justice. I have great adult children, who seem to have turned out pretty damned well, considering the parents they were blessed with!

I am back at work after being gone for two weeks, so I have been a little swamped and a lot overwhelmed. That has also impacted the brains ability to put sentences together.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cracked, not broken

I cracked! I posted on the forum. Just as I sometimes bite my tongue to avoid saying something, I tired of biting my fingers to stop from typing something. I admit to lurking on the forum since my last post on 10/26. There were a few times I nearly posted because I thought I had something to add to the thread and other times a smart-*ss comment came to mind. I resisted as long as I could. I cracked!

Cracked, yes - broken NO! Sitting back and doing (saying) nothing is something I did many years ago and I have struggled with that history for a long time. Staying out of that trap is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place. It has never been easy for me to "put myself out there". Posting on the forum was another step in that effort.

Attending the Blogger Bash on Tuesday was a giant leap in that direction. I am usually leery of social situations where I don't know anyone - old insecurities crop up! I finally convinced myself that fellow bloggers were not total strangers - I knew something of them from their blogs or their posts and I really wanted to actually meet many of them. I am so glad I went, even if I was at the "girl's table". They were some very nice, intelligent, funny, and interesting "girls" if I may say so.

Yes, I cracked. Not to have would have been to be broken.