Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Fence

The "Public Walkway" between Frye Avenue and Republic Street was closed in June of 2007. In that process, the City of Peoria "gave" me an additional eight feet of ground at the back of my lot. People of all ages that walk in the East Bluff seem to think that nothing has changed except there was no concrete sidewalk anymore. They continued to walk just as before, until now. I have never been a fan of chain link fence, but this five footer doesn't look too bad. The old lot line was at the back of the two trees shown here. I have slowed the traffic down, but have not been able to stop it - yet.You see, the owners of the rental property beside and behind me show no concern for the safety of their tenants or the neighborhood. If they did, they would fix or replace the fences that are on their properties. The picket fence behind the house next door has many missing boards and therefore allows people to trespass through the yard and the yards of the houses facing Republic. As you
can see, there are several gaping holes in the fence. Pedestrians, bicycle riders,
and even a jerk with a noisy
gas powered mini-cycle trespasses back and forth -
through the fence and the yards (private property) on either side.

Part of receiving the eight feet of ground was that property owners maintain it. Yeah, right. The owner in the picture does take care of the land he received
back, but the property behind me is a totally different situation. Weeds, scrap
trees, downed branches, split tree that will fall from gravity or a strong wind.When it does, it will land on the roof of the homeowner next door. No one cares except for that homeowners. Below is part of the view in back of my
fence. Maybe the fact that I sent these photos and a few other to may help rectify the situation. After all, Peoria spent a fair amount of money to take up the old sidewalk and put down sod.

I like my extra eight feet of ground and I love my five foot chain link fence!