Thursday, December 31, 2015


It is New Year's Eve, December 31, 2015.  It has been a pretty good year, but like most years, I am ready to tell it "Farewell".  I will go to bed at my usual time and wake to a new day and a new year.  The promise of each new year offers the opportunity for new challenges to be met.  Another chance to step out of my comfort zone. 

I describe myself as a hermit.  I am very comfortable just being at home with the animals, the computer, some music and the TV.  I am in control here.  When I leave my driveway, I am no longer in control!  I have really surprised myself this past year.  The East Bluff Newsletter & Facebook page, the East Bluff Food Pantry and other community activities have pulled me out of the house.  Surprisingly, I don't mind.

Until 2015, I had pretty much given "lip service" to the idea of community involvement.  This has been the year to put some action to it.  This has been the year that has seen me recommit to taking care of myself by being more consistent with going to the gym.

2016 holds much in store for me.  January is my daughter's birthday.  She turns 36 and it does not seem possible!  Insurance has me changing doctors and my first appointment is in January.  February brings my son's birthday and he turns 48.  Wow!  February is also my granddaughter, Brianna's birthday.  March starts up the Coffee With the Cops meetings.  We have been on hiatus during the winter.  Neighborhood association meetings also start.  Don't know about April yet.  I am sure there will be something!

May is a big month.  My granddaughter, Adele, turns two and my grandson, Evren, turns seven.  Best of all, there is a new baby due!  My daughter will be the same age having the new baby as I was having her!  June sees my youngest grandson, Milo turning five.  July isn't planned yet and neither are August & September.  October is my birthday and also my granddaughter Angie's.  November and December are the busy holiday season and then it will be 2017!

Wow!  Time flies!