Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eating Good In The Neighborhood

I took the day off for a Dentist appointment and had the opportunity to meet some friends for lunch. Opening day at the Hick'ry Stick was the chosen destination. There was a steady stream of customers during the hour that we were there. I hope the business is a great success. I have lived in the East Bluff long enough to remember when the brick building at the corner of McClure and Atlantic was the local coin laundry!

The food at the Hick'ry Stick was really good. No one complained about the food or the prices and we all went away stuffed. I really must go back for the peach cobbler - it looked yummy! This business can serve as an invitation to come to the East Bluff for people who talk about the area but rarely visit. The Hick'ry Stick certainly is a locally owned business worth supporting!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

East Bluff Good News

For all that is said in the media, I still love the East Bluff! My house is taking shape, my yard is taking shape, the garage is next on the list and I have new neighbors behind me. I met them yesterday as they were out cleaning up their back yard and getting the weed trees out of the fence line.

They trimmed and they piled and they swept up the mess that they had trimmed along the last remaining vestige of sidewalk that once was the "Public Walkway". They even reattached a portion of fence that now has the trespassers seeking a slightly different route. For all the naysayers concerning rental property, I may very well have gotten some of the best neighbors I have had in a long time and to top it off, they are Section 8 Voucher holders. There is no broad brush that paints everyone alike

It was such fun to watch people approach their usual path, only to turn around. Yesterday, a young male walked up to it, looked intently then retraced his steps. He then walked three houses back up Republic and cut through there. This means that he still walked along my property, but a little further away from my fence-line.

Message to the East Bluff: Keep your spirits up and don't give up! Keep the lights on, I'm staying!