Saturday, April 7, 2012

Robinson Park

On more than one occasion I have been told to "go take a hike".  So I did!  Today I went to Robinson Park.  I parked in the lot on the north side of Mossville Road and trekked on the paths on that side of the road.  I made a big loop rather than go on the leg that went to Camp Wokanda.  There are some very steep slopes and I did take advantage of a log bench (and sometimes just a log) to rest a couple of times and I know I got my heart rate up pretty good several times! 

I crossed Mossville Road and hiked around a short loop and then to the bottom of the bluff by way of a different trail.  I was surprised at how many people were out walking today.  The trails were not crowded, but I did see quite a few people.  Saw some deer tracks, but no deer.  I will go to the park again and try the path going on to Camp Wokanda.  It is worth the trip if you enjoy hiking!

Some photos of the North trails:


 And from the South Trail:
Rusty old pump

Another rusty old pump

Old storm cellar?

Again, going down is easier than going up!

I'm glad I took a hike!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pimiteoui Trail

On a recent walk through Lower Glen Oak Park, I mentioned a trail from Grandview Drive to Forest Park Nature Center.

I decided to check it out again today.  The trail from Grandview Drive begins at the first look-out after turning off Prospect Avenue.  There is signage there about the Pimiteoui Trail and Grandview Drive.

There is a sidewalk on the left side of the outcrop and a path on the right side.  Both lead to the steps that are the beginning of the trail.

I didn't notice the sidewalk until today.  The path is clear of debris, but has a pretty steep slope at times.  Down is much easier than up!

Very quiet in the woods. 

A variety of plant life.

Eagle Scouts built bridges.

My goal is to make it all the way before the end of summer.  I need
to get in shape first.  I turned around at the last hill with all the steps.