Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Blogger Yet?

I can hardly call myself a blogger anymore. I really wish I could. Facebook, groups, forums, twitter, Linkedin have all taken over. I have accounts in "networking" sites that I never even go to. I look around me and see all sorts of issues that I could write about, but I just don't seem to have the motivation. Crime in the streets - plenty of people write about it. East Village TIF proposal - I went to the meeting last night and can see both sides, so I am still arguing with myself on that one. Economy - yeah, it sucks pondwater, but what's new? So one out of 8 Americans are receiving SNAP (new name for Food Stamps), someone will go on a stereotypical rant about "those people". Museums, hotels, etc. - seems I have lost that battle.

Crazy drivers - well maybe that is worth a post now that we have to get retrained for winter driving. I learned to drive under the motto of "watch the fool driving the car behind the idiot in front of you". That has served me well for some 50 years. I can't change other drivers, but I can drive defensively.

I have written about my conflicted feelings in reference to retirement - that's old news. I don't write about work anymore and I don't think family likes me to write about them, so that limits my options.

I have told the saga of the home improvements - down to four glass block windows in be basement and I am done with the house (at least the outside), the yard (new fence) and garage (siding, door & roof). I don't want to belabor that again.

Christmas shopping is done and my wireless mouse is driving me nuts. Are those worth a new post?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where Is Eye When You Need Him?

I tend to be careful of when and where I go in the neighborhood. I have never been threatened and other than a window being broken, have not been victimized, but.... This has not been a good week in the East Bluff. Normally, I am one of the first to defend the neighborhood and say that it is not as bad as public perception. I still believe that to be true, but this has not been a good week in the neighborhood. Sexual assault in Glen Oak Park Sunday night, robbery at the local Dunkin' Donut Shop, robbery on North Indiana and murder at the Big K. I know I missed some events, but these are the ones I noted on the PJStar site this evening. It has been relatively quiet in the neighborhood for awhile, so this really makes me mad.

I figured that "Eye In The Sky" would beat me to the news, but he didn't. I thought it only fair that I mention the problems we have had this week. I am not oblivious to the problems in the neighborhood, but I still have hope and I do not plan on leaving!