Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You

By nature, I am quite shy and pretty much a hermit. It is not that I like being a hermit, I just am. I don't drink, so that has kept me out of the bar scene. I like my job, but have to work at not becoming a "workaholic" because it is my major outlet.

That has been changing over the last eight months or so. Through one local forum I came in cyber-contact with a small group of "liberal thinkers" who were not afraid to voice their opinions and some less liberal thinkers who were tolerant of others. Through a second local forum, a good number of those folks have become friends.

If attending my first Blogger Bash was venturing out of my "safe zone", attending my first Friday Night Happy Hour was a "full steam ahead" leap of faith. From Happy Hours, to breakfast, brunch, lunch, house parties, a ball game, karaoke, a campaign event to a "Corn Boil"; I have been places and done things that I probably would not have done by myself. I could have done them, I just would not have!

A realization really hit yesterday while sitting at the German-American Corn Boil at Hickory Grove Park - my friends add a great deal of pleasure to my life and I would like to thank them for helping me crawl out of my self-imposed shell.

Life is good, thanks, guys!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


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I really like buffet restaurants and wish Peoria had one besides those serving pizza or Home Town. I was disappointed with my last trip to Golden Corral in Washington. That being said, I like the Bonanza in Lincoln. Nothing fancy, just good food. The hot roll and fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies are to die for. It was crowded today. Lincoln was out in full force. It was a little more crowded since we used it as a meeting place. My son and his family came up from Oreana and my daughter, her SO and I met them there. I thought on the way down, I should have called my sisters and nieces who live within easy driving distance. Next time, perhaps.

Lovely day for a drive.

What Fun!!!

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Picked up this idea from a friend and have been playing with it ever since. Such a great way to pass along information. I will take the camera today and see what transpires. Look out kids!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Are They Doing?

Coming in from putting the dogs in the garage the other night, I saw these slugs (snails with no shells) on the back step. These things were huge! Interesting critters, but they seemed far more interested with each other than with me.

Thank goodness! Carry on!

Darned If I Ddn't Get Tagged

Good grief! I have been reading other blogs and have been seeing folks get "tagged" to give six random thoughts about themself. I was breathing pretty easy until I checked here today and noticed that I had been tagged by Katie! O.K., six random thoughts:

1. I like driving my little, red, 5-speed pick-up during the summer.
2. I mowed my back yard today.
3. Leah will be home next weekend.
4. I will be glad when the national election is over with.
5. I like Schwan's Raspberry Rumble ice cream.
6. Retirement cannot come soon enough.

There I did it! Now how do I get these random thoughts from running through my brain!