Saturday, December 7, 2013

Off To A Good Start

So far, so good!  I have not missed a day at the gym since I recommitted.  Wish I could make it the same time everyday, but that won't work.  At least I get there and do a minimum of forty minutes of water exercise.  It is so easy to pack on weight and so hard to get it off.  I've taken "road food" with me when I had to go to Bloomington.  Grazing on small mini-meals is working.  Made a fruit salad today.  A pear, an apple, an orange, a tangerine, a banana, some raisins and some almond bits with vanilla Greek yogurt for the dressing.  There is enough to last for a few days.

Sweets are still very tempting!  I really wish I did not like them so much.  Doing fairly well, but not as well as I wish.  Darn those samples at Hy Vee today!

And the journey continues.

Monday, December 2, 2013

No More Excuses

Life has not been the same since June 9th.  The day my sister passed away.  She had been ill and in pain for many years.  In some ways it was a blessing since she is at peace now, and if Heaven exists, she has rejoined the love of her life and her daughter.

I am serving in the capacity of Executor of the Estate and there lies my excuses.  Trying to get the house cleaned out, numerous sales, a large storage unit and lots of "stuff" so we can get the house sold.  She would have qualified as a hoarder.  I have been away from home a lot since the house is in Bloomington.  Having my routine broken up by unpredictability, has given me the excuse to stop going to the gym on a regular basis.  It has given me the excuse to "grab a quick bite".  It has given me the excuse to eat out more often.  These excuses have allowed me to give in to the evil sugar addiction that has plagued me for most of my life.

I have tried to put this on paper several times; only to delete every word.  I don't make New Year's resolutions, so I made a Thanksgiving resolution instead. I resolve to "knock that shit off"!  There is no excuse for me not to take care of myself.  There is no excuse for me regain any of my hard-earned weight loss like I have.  There is no excuse for me to turn to sweets instead of healthy foods.

Am off to a pretty good start and need to keep reminding myself that my continued health is worth the effort.  Have been to the gym for the last four days, even missed the first hour and fifteen minutes of The Voice tonight.  Have given in to sugar once.  I was going to throw the last piece of pumpkin pie away, but ate it instead.  At least I hadn't gotten whipped topping.  I have gone back to "grazing" on several small meals rather than 3 meals a day.  Grazing has always worked for me, I just need to take "road food" with me if I am not going to be at home for an extended period of time.

I am so thankful for so many things in my life, so Thanksgiving was the perfect time to resolve to regain control.  The stresses will continue for some time, but it is up to me how to handle that stress.  I resolve to handle it more effectively through exercise and better food choices.  I resolve to do everything, well almost everything, I can to remain in good health and feeling good about life.  I had hoped to add "stop smoking" to the list, but I am not there yet!  Maybe a Valentine's Day resolution?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over Five Months

It has been over five months since I have posted a new blog post.  I am not very consistent, but this has been an extended period of silence.  Nothing is wrong.  Just have not been motivated to write.  It has been a long winter, not a bad one, just long.

Have to say that Fridays this winter have not been bad.  Friday is the day I walk dogs and it seems like rain and snow missed on Friday.  Had a few cold mornings, but over-all, dog walking has been good.

On March 24th, the day of the big snowfall, we had the celebration of life service for my niece who had passed away on March 16th at the age of 51.  Damn diabetes!  Rest in peace, Kim.

Had a serious scare with my son who spent almost a week in the ICU with a severe case of cellulitis. The antibiotics  finally kicked in and surgery with tissue removal and possible bone scraping was avoided.

Still going to the gym pretty much every day and maintaining the 20 pound (average) weight loss and so happy to be back in the skinny jeans.  I have given myself a five pound range so I don't get crazy with the numbers.  Have gone over it a couple of times, but have gotten right back on track instead of going "full steam ahead" as I have done in the past.  More determined than I have ever been.  Eating more healthy than I have ever done.  Even have Chia seeds and Quinoa in the cabinet and pomegranate juice in the fridge.  I have eaten kale for the first time in my life and snack on pistachios.

The little red truck has gone to the scrap yard.  I loved that little red truck, but decided I did not want to put any more money into its' repairs.

Grandkids are growing up.  Softball practice has started and there is a violin recital coming up this month.

I am looking forward to hiking now that the weather is beginning to break.  I have gone on a couple of short walks, but I want to hit the trails.  Been fighting off a bout of anger, and nothing soothes this restless soul like being in the Temple of the Tall Trees.

Life goes on.