Sunday, September 30, 2007


On the eve of October 1st, I relish the thought of fall. The fall colors, although I am not sure how good they will be this year. Took a ride this afternoon - part of Grandview Drive, down Forest Park Drive, north to Detweiller Golf Course and boat launch, through Detweiller Park, north and west to Dunlap and back to Peoria. Almost no pretty trees yet!

This October I turn 63. It does not seem possible. I don't feel old, but there is just not enough years between now and then. My one and only grandchild turns two in October and I really hope to see her grow up. October 6th marks the 10 year anniversary of cancer surgery. All clear and I feel blessed. October is a month full of celebrations (except for Halloween). Halloween is the one night of the year when my porch light and house lights are off. The greedy teenagers ruined the fun for me.

Each of the seasons has special meaning for me. Fall is my time to finish up the tasks I have been putting off, it is the "wind down" time. Winter is the time to rest and reflect. Not a lot of time to do it, but I try. Spring is for planning and new beginnings and Summer is time to "Get 'er done". I would really miss not having all four seasons, even though I complain about the heat/humidity and cold/snow/ice. I guess, hitting 63 means I am in the Fall part of life. Wind down, put things in order, simplify and plan for a very LONG Winter. Damn, I don't usually get that philosophical, but I guess it doesn't hurt once and a while.

Next weekend will be a good one. With the grandchild's birthday, I will have both of my adult kids in the same place at the same time. That does not happen very often. After living in Santa Barbara, CA for several years, my daughter has moved back to the mid-West (if suburban Detroit counts as mid-West) and will be driving down for the weekend. Have not seen her since early June and am looking forward to the visit. Her significant other is going to try to put the Roadmaster Red Wagon together. With a big, red bow on the handle, it will make a great birthday present. Maybe we can get a Teddy Bear to put in it!!

Ah, October!

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