Sunday, July 20, 2008

Well, I was glad!

Temperatue is 84, but the heat index is 92 and it is almost 8:30 PM. The three ceiling fans are on and I just moved the small wind machine a little closer. The big air conditioner is still covered in plastic from last winter and the little one for Leah's bedroom is sitting on the floor in her room. Since I do not have stock in AmerenCilco, I refuse to pay them any more than I have to! Actually, it is not too bad in the house as long as I don't move too much or too quickly. I keep at least one ceiling fan on all night so I can keep Smokey more comfortable. He does not seem to be suffering from the heat, but who knows.

Summer is not my favorite season. I much prefer Spring and Fall. I even prefer Winter to the heat and humidity of Summer. I just hope I remember that thought in January.

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My Flock Rocks! said...

I bet you are glad it's cooled off some! :)