Sunday, August 10, 2008


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I really like buffet restaurants and wish Peoria had one besides those serving pizza or Home Town. I was disappointed with my last trip to Golden Corral in Washington. That being said, I like the Bonanza in Lincoln. Nothing fancy, just good food. The hot roll and fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies are to die for. It was crowded today. Lincoln was out in full force. It was a little more crowded since we used it as a meeting place. My son and his family came up from Oreana and my daughter, her SO and I met them there. I thought on the way down, I should have called my sisters and nieces who live within easy driving distance. Next time, perhaps.

Lovely day for a drive.


Anonymous said...

I believe there are several Chinese buffet restaurants in town.

cjay said...

Bonanza is wonderful. It's one of the few good restaurants left in Lincoln, IMO. Yeah, there usually is a crowd, but worth the wait if there is one. And I know what you mean about those cookies, they just about melt in your mouth!

Ramble On said...

Chinese buffet - yes there are! China Village and Dynasty being my favorites. I tried Mings, but will pass it up in the future. Does not compare at least IMHO.