Monday, December 1, 2008

Bah! Humbug!

I am ready. Ready for January 2nd, that is. From before Halloween, Christmas decorations and music can be found in stores. Thanksgiving - turkey and all the fixings, with too many people forgetting to remember all that they have to be thankful for. Christmas is breakfast with Santa and lots of presents under the tree. Maybe there is a manger scene on display somewhere in the home, but each year it seems that the deeper meaning of Christmas gets lost in the gift wrap.

With no little ones at home anymore, I don't decorate. I tried to pawn some of the old decorations off this past weekend, but they are all right where they were, either in the basement or in the storage closet upstairs. With cats in the house, no tree is safe. I got tired of setting it back up after three or four cats decided to climb the Christmas tree.

I am also rather lazy. I don't like going to all the fuss and then just having to take it all down and pack it away again. I can look out the window and see all the decorations I need to see.

New Year's Eve is amateur night. The safest place to be is at home. Resolutions that won't last until January 5th get tossed around. Mine don't usually last beyond January 5th, anyway.

I enjoy the Holidays. I really do. Seeing Grandbaby's (Angie - now age 3) eyes light up at seeing the tree and the presents, enjoying family visits, seeing a favorite seasonal movie for the umpteenth time, reading the Christmas Letter from people I truly care about and all the other things that make this time of year special. I am just glad to see the Holidays over with!

January 2nd, life gets back to normal. People at work stop taking vacation days. Even though winter just starts toward the end of December, there is something about January that says Spring is just around the corner. After all, there is February and by the end of March, it is Spring!

Ah, Spring - tulips and daffodils, the odor of lilacs in the air.


Cameron said...

I hear ya. Bah humbug, indeed.

Katie said...

I have to agree with you, Ramble. I am very much looking forward to January as well.

We have the added bonus of our family's cluster of birthdays and anniversaries are all in December. Every day has something going on. By the 2nd week of December I am generally ready for that well deserved vacation to the place with the good drugs and the padded hotel rooms!

My Flock Rocks! said...

Ahhh Happy Holidaze Ramble! I am also looking forward to spring...the flowers, and my garden! I miss my fresh veggies. Oh and having more parties~

Conniesue said...

Hi Ramble,

I feel the same way ! I am dreaming of spring too. I gave my tree to my daughter, maybe I will look for a little table top one? I enjoy the little guy for the holidays but will be glad when January rolls around too.

Karrie E. Alms said...

Ramble On: If you join --- you would be able to give away your Christmas decorations for free --- and add to the happiness of some family who doesn't have Christmas decor.

Conniesue: Tabletop trees are 60% off at Michael's! :)