Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Search of.......

Anyone who knows me well, knows I do not like to cook. I really do not like to cook! Lunch and dinner, I can take care of but, breakfast.....that is another matter. I am in search of the perfect place for breakfast. Good food, good selection, reasonable price and a pleasant atmosphere. Is that too much to ask? I have no problem with "greasy spoon" type places and will "dress up" a little if I have to.

I know there are numerous places left to try, but here is the list as it stands today:
  • Bartonville Diner - so far #1 in my book. Stuffed French Toast to die for
  • The Lighthouse in Rome - small, but good buffet. They will be closed for awhile in January. Reasonable price, even though they had raised it $1.00 the last time I was there.
  • LePeep - Good, but kind of middle of the road
  • Home Town Buffet - lowered their price and took the good stuff off the buffet
  • Butcher Block - small, but good buffet. Nice atmosphere. Service was questionable
  • Zim's - the fact that it is closed says it all
  • Childer's (old Ranchero Fiesta building) - based on Childer's on University, it was a real disappointment for the price
  • The Mayflower - standard fare, nothing to go back for
  • Denney's - standard fare, lousy coffee but it is pretty inexpensive
  • Mushrush - buffet was pretty good, but they stopped having it
  • Lee's (old Steak & Shake on N. Adams) - solid home cooking and reasonable
  • Hungry Moose (Farmington Road) - small, busy, good food, reasonable and the coffee was fairly good (I am somewhat of a coffee snob)
  • Eamon Patrick's - fantastic, but closed. Eagerly awaiting the Fahey's opening the Sunday Buffet at the Cornerstone Building facility.
  • Maid Rite - traditional fare, reasonable price. I like the atmosphere and gift shop.
Making a trip to One World and Sterling Family Restaurant are on my list to revisit since I have not been to either for a long time. Other recommendations?


Emerge Peoria said...
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Emerge Peoria said...

Check out the Silver Dollar on Prospect, right next to the gas station (before you get to the rail road tracks); across the street from where the Penguin Tap used to be.

The address - 4322 N Prospect Rd

Ramble On said...

Forgot to mention TnT's Sports Bar & Grille in East Peoria. Excellent breakfast and very reasonable. Don't know if TnT's Peoria serves Sunday breakfast or not.

shay said...

I am fond of Childer's because of the side dishes like hot spinach or asparagus with hollandaise sauce available all day. They've got some decent variety on the breakfast menu, things like Belgian Bikers, and breakfast is available all day.

I'm pretty happy with the speed with which I can get a seat at the counter at Gebby's. The staff is friendly.