Monday, July 5, 2010

Old Houses

For quite some time, the water pressure in the bathroom has not been what it should be. I decided to get it repaired. My "handyperson" thought it would be a fairly simple fix. Replace the old galvanized horizontal pipes with some nice shiny copper ones. Not so fast here! Those were replaced with little improvement - in fact no improvement. It got worse! So now, it is time to try to replace the vertical water lines that run up to the second floor. Part of a wall in the basement stairway has been removed along with some pipes. Part of the kitchen ceiling will most likely have to be removed to make the necessary turns and fittings. As it stands right now, I have no water in the bathroom!

Good thing I have plenty of buckets. Water to flush the stool sits in buckets close by. I will have to carry hot water from the kitchen sink for a bath. No such thing as a shower tonight or in the morning. I do not like washing my hair in the kitchen sink, but I will make an exception until I have running water in the bathroom.

The handyperson and the assistant handyperson will be here tomorrow after work. Hopefully they make good progress.
Demolition is underway!

Just never know what you will find when you try to make repairs to an old house.


Chef Kevin said...

OMG, isn't that the truth. Not only the things that are original and deteriorating, but upgrades made by previous owners that make you wonder what they were thinking and who did the work.

Ramble On said...

Demolition is ongoing! No water upstairs yet.