Thursday, March 31, 2011

Say Something Good

There are plenty of people who complain and fire nasty comments back and forth. Some cannot seem to find one good thing to say about some people and have difficulty finding something good to say about Peoria. I am also guilty of falling into "bitch, moan & complain" mode. Wonder what would happen if we all became solution focused? What would happen if we welcomed newcomers to the neighborhood, regardless of their economic status and how their rent is being paid? What would happen if we all picked up the litter around our homes? How would it look if we all got involved in the Great American Cleanup this year? (By the way, that is on April 16th this year.) How full would the room be if we all attended our local neighborhood association meeting? What would the world be like if we looked at every individual, rather than at their disability, skin color, nationality or religion? What would the life be like if we stopped looking for excuses and started looking for solutions. Unless I can identify how I am part of the problem, I can never be part of the solution. I need to work on that!

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