Monday, February 13, 2012

Left of Moderate

I admit it, I am to the left of moderate although I seldom vote a "straight ticket". I voted for Barack Obama last time and it looks like I will do so again. I might actually have been able to vote for Mitt Romney if he voiced the same opinions he did several years ago. I even voted for Ronald Reagan. I guess I would be called an "issues voter".

I have reached the age for Social Security and Medicare, so guess what, I earned them and I need them. I support a woman's right to choose although my personal choice is to birth a child and think adoption is a wonderful choice. It is not an easy choice, but one that I believe should be between the woman and her doctor. I believe that contraceptives should be available, either to prevent pregnancy or treat disorders such as PCOS. I believe that Planned Parenthood provides important services to improve women's health. I have had medical tests done there.

I believe the "Citizen's United" decision was a mistake. I am impressed by Ben & Jerry of ice cream fame and their "Get the Dough Out of Politics" campaign.

I believe that the country needs tax reform now, not later.

I believe that trickle down economy has not trickled anywhere because of the "dams" that were built to keep the wealth within the "1%". I believe in the old adage "you have to spend money to make money". Spend money on road repair, rail development where it is logical, bridge replacement, etc.

My definition of "separation of church and state" does not include government legislating religious values. I support "gay marriage' (oh, how I hate that phrase) or civil unions and the rights that they give the partners, including the right to adopt.

Each of these beliefs can be argued against, but these are deeply held beliefs and I see no way that I will change them. I will not argue politics. It serves no purpose. People to the right of moderate believe their beliefs as strongly as I believe mine.

No name calling or insults.

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Chef Kevin said...

Great post!

Best line is the "won't argue politics". I rarely do, either. I've changed my stance over the years, not because of what anyone has said, but what I read and felt was "right" in my eyes.

Personally, I think there should be a cap on the amount spent on running for office so that it gives everyone a chance whether running for city council or the President of the United States