Friday, October 23, 2015

And On It Goes

Still busy.  Some things have been fun, some not so much.  Never one to focus on the "not so much" stuff.  The individual Faces of the East Bluff now have a permanent home.  They are hung throughout the East Bluff Community Center. 
We gave completed the branding and logo.  We were able to introduce both to the neighborhood in time for the first annual East Bluff Sunrise 5K Run.  We painted the street.  Actually, we painted the intersection of Nebraska St. & Wisconsin Ave.  Hope it becomes a bigger project next year along with being a fundraiser.
The strategic planning process we went through for the improvement of the Wisconsin Business Corridor earned recognition of the Illinois branch of the American Planner's Association.  They liked that the plan is a poster and not a book sitting forgotten on a shelf.  Rather it hangs on a lot of walls to be seen by the entire community.
East Bluff News has completed a year of publication.  It continues to grow in readership through hard copy and the East Bluff News Facebook page.  The Facebook page is such a good way to keep in contact with neighbors and people interested in the East Bluff.  As the transitional neighborhoods in Peoria improve, Peoria improves.  Communication is part of that process.
With several months of no food pantries in the neighborhood, we were able to open the East Bluff Food Pantry at the community center.  It serves residents of 61603 exclusively.  Times are pretty tough for some of our neighbors and the churches and volunteers involved want to make an impact.

A new activity this year was "Coffee With The Cops".  The idea came from a Senior Advance meeting.  Four sessions were held this late-summer & early-fall.  Meetings were well attended and very useful!  We will pick the meetings up again in February or March, but are taking the worst weather months off.
There are many naysayers in the neighborhood, but that is okay because it forces myself and others to dig deeper and try harder to make the East Bluff a decent place to live and raise a family.  We have a lot of work to do!

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