Sunday, December 30, 2007

Going to the Dogs!

The saga of dogs at my house has been a series of ups and downs! Two dogs that didn't get put in the house soon enough when the fireworks started one 4th of July disappeared. Frosty and Maxx got frightened, jumped fence and were never seen again. A pup that died suddenly from a case of parvo, a basset hound that I wanted to keep, but could not get to stop climbing a fence. That was a sight! But he had to go back to whence he came.

Then came a dachshund, a gift from my "first X-husband" to my daughter. She came with the name Daisy. What an awful name for a little dog. The name was quickly changed to Cinnamon. Cinny lived comfortably for several years as an only dog. Then a neighbor was getting evicted. This neighbor had an elderly Scottish Terrier, a female named Scotti (how original). The neighbor did not know where he was going and figured he would have to take Scotti to PAWS. I know the luck of older animals when they are at the shelter and told the neighbor that Scotti could stay with us. I let him know that if he found a place and wanted Scotti back, that was fine. I saw the neighbor twice after that and Scotti remained with us.

Scotti's hearing was failing. She depended on Cinny. Cinny would get Scotti when it was time to come in or when the food was put out. Cinny was an assistive animal for Scotti. Unfortunately, Cinny decided to dig out under the fence and was hit by a car at the end of our driveway. No one stopped to let us know. If Leah and I were sad, Scotti was devastated. Scotti needed a friend, so it was off to PAWS.

That's when I found Mikiya (Mikki). A cute little Spaniel mix with Papillion ears. A gentle dog that took to the role of assistive animal like a duck takes to water. Mikki quickly learned that Scotti needed her help and she was glad to oblige. Scotti eventually became totally deaf. After about five years with us, the arthritis became very bad and she had to be carried up and down steps - which also meant carried outside. A trip to the groomer meant baby aspirin so she could stand long enough to get clipped. But she still seemed happy. Two years ago, she got sick. As long as she was in the hospital on IV fluids, she did pretty well. Off the fluids, her kidneys shut down. It was with sadness and love that I held Scotti as she was given the shot that ended her life.

Mikki no longer had a job to do, no mission. She became very withdrawn. Just as Scotti had needed a dog, now Mikki needed one too. Off to PAWS again! Little dog, playmate for Mikki, young enough to be around for awhile, enter Miniya (Minni).

Minni is a ball of energy. A little terrier mix and smart as a whip. The dogs get along well together. They have a circular "rut" in the backyard where they play tag. They play tug-o-war with their toys and often curl up next to each other to sleep. They let me know quite loudly if anyone comes close to the house. They love to play and have never been aggressive toward anyone. They bark, but the tail keeps right on wagging.

Stuffed toys last about ten minutes at the most. There is a game called "Get the Damn Squeaker Out" that they play with all of them. Fetch can last for hours. They have me well trained. Although Mikki is a little taller, they are equal in weight and strength, so the winner of a tug of war match isn't known until the very end. There are days when I do not make it home to let them outside during the middle of the day. Bless their little hearts, they do not make a mess. They are ready to go outside when I get home, but they have managed to "hold" everything until I get there.

I really lucked out with these two "pound puppies".


Fsplink said...

I just happened upon your blog and I had to leave a comment. I, too am an avid animal lover. Three dogs and two cats at the time. Of course, all in the house. Anyway, just wanted to say your dogs are so cute.

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