Saturday, February 2, 2008

Milestone Day!

Most of the groundhogs live outside the perimeter fence at work, but last summer, one decided to move. He dug his burrow under a sidewalk at the office. We had a great deal of fun watching him, especially on warm days when he would sun himself on the sidewalk. The guys at work named him Roger.

By the end of summer, Roger grew tired of humans and moved back to the berm outside the fence with the rest of his family.

The great thing about "Groundhog's Day" is the fact that whether or not the groundhog sees its' shadow, spring is on the way! Right now, the ground is covered with snow, but it will not be long before early daffodils and tulips will be peeking through the earth and trees will be budding.

Mid-western winters make Groundhog's Day is certainly a day to celebrate!

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My Flock Rocks! said...

Ground Hogs are cute but very destructive! Hope Roger predicted an early spring!