Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet Number 9

One of my older cats died on December 13th. I missed her and could not get accustomed to saying that I had eight cats. I had said nine for so long. I started making weekly trips to PAWS to find another feline that would say, "Take me home, please!" Patience paid off! A beautiful, long haired cat (previously named Moocow) had been surrendered by his owner. Sad for her, great for me. Not sure about his new name, but a friend suggested Zorro - with the mask and cape, that name may just stick. Since most names around here get shortened to something that end in "ie or ey". Zorrey sounds pretty good. I think I like it. He is estimated to be eight months old. He is going to be a big boy.

Right now he is in isolation in my daughter's bedroom until he mends from having been neutered and we are rid of the ear mites that came with him. This evening was the first time I have seen ear mites under the microscope. Ugly critters! I have had an ear mite infestation with the cats before, and with my brood, it takes a spread sheet to make sure all of them get their treatment every other day. I do not want to have to do it again. If I have to, of course I will.

I will have to renew my promise to family members that I will not become the Crazy Cat Lady of the East Bluff! Or will I?


East Bluff Barbie said...

You can't be the crazy cat lady of the East Bluff. I'm pretty sure the title is taken by my neighbor!:)

Rixblix said...

I think Ramble the Cat Lady suits her! And I think Zorro is pretty darned handsome (and lucky)!

yeah said...

OMG - I am such a cat person and I'm real jealous of you and your brood. My place is too small and I can't have any kitties running around. I love the name Zorro what a great name.

My Flock Rocks! said...

He is a handsome one! I love the name Zorro too! :)

What's Shaking said...

Nice addition to your feline family ! Great that you found each other. Zorro sounds like a fitting name for him !

My Flock Rocks! said...

I got the same comment on one of my blog posts from brasil blogspot!

Sic Zorro after them!