Saturday, April 12, 2008

Middle Class and Bitter

Since it is just me, I am middle class, at least I think I am. If I had a kid or two at home, I wouldn't be. Heck yes, I am bitter. I am bitter that funding has not allowed for proper testing of toys and children have been placed at risk of additional lead poisoning. I am bitter that funding has not allowed for proper inspection of meat & other food products and people have become ill and died. I am bitter that so many people are losing their homes to forclosure and thereby decreasing the value of my home. I am bitter that people I care about are facing their companies going out of business or moving out of country. I am bitter when I watch my meager retirement nest egg shrink. I am bitter that I may very well have to continue working long beyond retirement age.

I proudly admit that I am liberal. Not a bleeding heart, but liberal. I believe that marriage is a religious ritual with legal implications and that a religious group has the right to say who it will and will not preform the religious ritual for. I also believe that same-sex couples have the right to have the legal aspects of their relationship recognized through a civil union ceremony. I strongly favor abstinence and adoption, but also believe I do not have the right to stop other women from being able to make a very difficult decision for themself. I do not own a gun, never have and don't plan to, but I have no problem with someone else legally owning a gun.

I am angry and bitter that so many jobs have left the U.S. I am angry, frustrated and bitter that the educational system in our country is lagging behind in math and science. I am angry and bitter that the fine arts and even driver's training are being dropped from school curriculums.

To deny being bitter that my children, grand-children, great-grand-children and probably more generations will be paying off the current national debt would be is impossible. It is time that we take the veil of secrecy (denial) off and deal with the anger, furstration and bitterness that many of us deal with on a daily basis. Recognizing the bitterness is not elitist, it is realist. Catherine Crier pegged it pretty well.

Yes, I am middle class and I am bitter!


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to help you decide if you are in the middle class.

Anonymous said...

Middle class here as well, but worried that I'll be lower class once the Bush tax cuts expire. Not looking forward the the inevitable HUGE tax increase from the left.

Anonymous said...

Once again, as anonymous shows here, certain people in the middle class have been brainwashed into believing they are indeed not. The left is NOT going to raise middle and lower class taxes. Period. If you are in the middle class, the Bush tax cuts did not benefit you. Only the wealthy. And I suppose the issue of gun laws and abortion and gay partnerships affect you more than the economy. The right sure has done a number on the middle class psyche. 99% of Americans think they are not poor. What?


Rixblix said...

Oh, I'm bitter. Healthcare costs rising while benefits decrease. My generation is the first to be doing worse than their parent's generation. CEO salaries through the rough while the workers responsible for those profits feel the squeeze. Obama's not elitest, he's the only one who gets it.

Ramble On said...

idnkm - Yep, I was right, middle class.
anonymous #1 - Huh? I am a gread deal more afraid of what the Right will do!
anonymous #2 - No, it is the economy for me. The rest was an attempt to deny being a total "bleeding heart liberal"
Rixblix - I agree! Another year and a half and it's Medicare time. Healthcare is a big issue for me.