Friday, October 31, 2008


I would really like to meet this "Person" named anonymous. Seems that quite often I will be reading someone's blog and Anonymous has posted a comment. I read the comment and usually think, "why did Anonymous feel the need to say that?" My blog is not normally controversial, so Anonymous doesn't generally post here. And even though there are a number of blog readers that don't agree with me on an issue or two (maybe more than that), Anonymous still goes elsewhere to post.

I have a standard that I hold for myself. Only me, I do not want anyone else to be held to the standard, unless they want to be. I use my "Name" - Ramble On or just Ramble everywhere I post. If I am embarrassed or afraid to attach my name to my words, I don't type the words. I can get testy sometimes and occasionaly fall of into shades of a passive/agressive personality, but I still attach my name. Sometimes I even start a comment and then not post it because I know I would not be comfortable reading it two days later.

I don't know about anyone else, but if I have something to say to someone, my name will be attached. If for what ever reason I can't attach my name, I won't make the post.

Civility isn't dead, it is just wounded a little.


Anonymous said...

I even went beyond the "Grandma's Attic" moniker. So I agree. People know it's me when I leave a comment and if I cannot leave the comment as me, then I don't leave one.

Anonymous said...

This anon lervs Ramble. She's spot on once again! ;)

Anonymous said...

This post is racist.


Anonymous said...

Mine usually ends up under anon b/c I always forget login ins/passwords. But I always sign my name!! I love reading your blog! Cheers!