Monday, February 2, 2009

Brain Dead

In the last month or so, I have started at least three posts and quickly deleted them all. Nothing seems witty, crucial or worth exercising the keyboard to write. The economy sucks pond water, the animals are healthy, I go to work and come home. I have no kids in school, so as disturbed as I am about District 150, I question my right or ability to rant. Most news is depressing and I try to stay positive and not dwell on the negativity. In an effort to ramp up my attitude and create an "attitude of gratitude", I offer up the following:

I am grateful for:
1. a roof over my head
2. a furnace that works
3. having a job to go to
4. having reliable transportation to get me to that job
5. having food in the freezer
6. having friends who care
7. my two kids
8. my Grand-daughter
9. my Grand-son that is "in the hopper"
10. my daughter-in-law
ll. my "soon to be" son-in-law
12. having a warm bed to sleep in
13. reliable Wednesday garbage pick-up
14. clearance sales
15. the co-workers who gifted me with deer salami and deer sticks
16. PBS
17. used appliances that have been reliable for the last 15 years
18. the plastic on the windows of "this old house"
19. getting the "cool" round metal trash can that I asked for at Christmas
20. having been a "guest" at my daughter's home last weekend
21. a direct flight to Detroit that only takes a little over an hour
22. the little aches and pains that let me know I am alive
23. Dr. Fishkin
25. snack size caramel rice cakes
26. my vet that gives me a 10% discount because of all my animals
27. "do nothing" evenings or week-ends
28. 50 degree days in the middle of winter
29. the comfortable old rocking chair
30. my independence

I should do this more often. Maybe that way, I can hold on to this "attitude of gratitude. Feels pretty good!


Katie said...

Fabulous, Ramble! I think being thankful for the wonderful things in your life is a way to keep things in perspective. Thanks for the reminder!

Themis said...

That was great! I'm going to need to do that soon myself.