Saturday, June 27, 2009

Landlords.....or who owns these eyesores?

I know who owns one of the properties shown in this blog, but I won't go into the name here. When I send the pictures to Shawn at Peoria Cares, I will not be so kind. This once beautiful old home has been cut into four apartments. The last couple of years the renters have been pretty good neighbors and the mowers show up on time to keep the yard looking decent. For those two facts, I am quite grateful. But the owner is allowing the exterior to deteriorate. Siding is falling off and windows are covered with new vinyl siding. Downspouts are missing and the fence line is totally overgrown. Although traffic has slowed down since the closure of the Public Walkway (locally know as the Ho Chi Minh Trail), the fact that boards are broken in the fence at the back of the property, have the trespassers continuing on their journey through the neighborhood. Please note the variety of siding types and colors on this house. Also you can see where siding has fallen off and just laid out of the way of the mowers. For your viewing displeasure, I give you the house next to mine. Note that the siding that fell is just laying there.

Actually, my view is of the better side. I get the vinyled up windows. I give the neighbors credit though. They do use the trash toters.

A little further up the street is another neighborhood treasure.
Let's all hope that the window upstairs doesn't fall the rest of the way out!


EMERGE said...

Good luck. I have found Shaun at Peoria Cares great to work with. I know he gets tons of calls, but he really does seem to actually "care".

Chef Kevin said...

This is where I believe reverse property taxes should come into play. If you keep up or noticeably and visually improve your property, your taxes should remain level. The farther your property falls into disrepair, your taxes should be elevated to the point where you can't afford the place and are forced to sell. The buyer then signs a two year agreement with the city to bargain basement the taxes while they upgrade the property. Failure to do so holds them responsible for the current tax rate plus fines.

Themis said...

I completely agree with Kevin on his reverse property tax proposal. Unfortunately, if the city ever did adopt it, they would no doubt only allow it for owner occupied homes.

Ramble On said...

I like the idea of reverse property taxes if it applied to landlords. I'd even give a break to the little guy who owns 4 or fewer properties as long as there is a way to keep the "slum lords" from divesting into multiple companies all leading to one person.

Mahkno said...

"This once beautiful old home has been cut into four apartments"

As long as they are complying with occupancy restrictions, they can do whatever to the inside.

Ramble On said...

Not so worried about the inside. I don't have to look at it! I was in it several years ago and it has beautiful woodwork. One stained glass window and one leaded glass window remain. It is the outside of the property that brings the neighborhood down.

Connie said...


I really like how your home looks! I enjoy viewing these pictures. I am sorry about the neighbors :-(
I would like to sit on the little bench in your flower garden & sip some ice tea.!
Have a great Sunday

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