Sunday, June 14, 2009

Darn, Darn and Double Darn

Four of us were headed to Eamon Patrick's for their wonderful brunch this morning. We arrived at about 10:15 and found them still closed. After some discussion about where to go, we headed for Zim's in Campustown.

After brunch, I went back downtown and spoke briefly with the owners of Eamon Patrick's. They no longer serve Sunday brunch. They tried for three months but were never able to build up the patronage and it was costing them too much. Very sad that the word didn't get out fast enough. The food was wonderful.

Now Zim's. In a word, crap! Full house, one server. Very slow service and getting the food was even slower. Eggs and sausage patties were O.K., Taters were so-so and the pancakes were "crispy". Thick pancakes and like lead. Couldn't cut them with a fork, even after soaking them with butter and syrup. Even a knife didn't go through them easily. I am usually a pretty fair tipper. This time I left the change from a $7.69 bill after handing over $8.00. I didn't even feel guilty.

I will miss brunch at Eamon Patrick's, but will not be back to Zim's.


Chef Kevin said...

I feel sorry for the server. Didn't sound like much of that was her/his fault. Sounds like the kitchen had more issues than the server, but I wasn't there so hard to say.

Ramble On said...

It was hectic, but I have waited enough tables in my day to know that you don't make five trips to deliver: 1. four drinks, 2. two straws, 3. 4 already wrapped silver 4. a bowl of butter and 5. Squeeze bottle of syrup. Would have helped if our order had been taken when the drinks were delivered, not 15 minutes later.

Sue said...

I was there, and it took 15 minutes to be seated, 15 minutes to get my coffee, 15 minutes to take our order, and over a half hour to get 2 eggs sunny side up that looked like someone shot snot all over, one cold sausage patty, and dry toast. When I had asked for more butter I was told there was a shortage, but he managed to find a few in a bowl behind the counter. For $5.99 I would have rather eaten at home.
Our total bill was roughly $16.??, and we handed him a $20 and said keep the change.
Bad service, or poor management? You can't expect a restaurant to stay in business if you only have one inexperienced person to wait tables on a busy Sunday morning. I wouldn't doubt if he was cooking too!
Would we go back? No time is precious, and the quality just wasn't worth the wait.
It was, as always, enjoyable sitting with good friends for two hours! If we had been by ourselves we would have walked out.