Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Won't Be Back

First of all, I have to make a couple of admissions. I am not a particularly good cook, nor am I a food critic. But, I do have a fondness for Sunday Buffet Brunches and Sunday morning breakfast in general. Since learning that Childer's had opened a new (well, since around Mother's Day) Sunday Brunch at the old Ranchero Fiesta next to Landmark, I planned to check it out. Today was the day and I won't be going back.

The atmosphere was fine, the staff pleasant but, the food was lacking and quite overpriced. Brunch was $15.39 including tax; no Senior Discount available. The usual items were available along with items more associated with lunch. Even with salt and pepper, the sausage gravy lacked flavor. The bacon ranked an O.K. rating. Sausage links were a failure. I didn't try the scrambled eggs as they looked "slimy". I don't know if it was too much butter or if they were undercooked, but they sure weren't pretty. I tried the waffle. It was fair, although it could have stood another 10 seconds in the waffle maker. They also have an omelet station that I did not try. One saving grace was a hash brown mixture that seemed to include egg, cream and sausage. It was good.

Small salad bar, pasta salad, some veggies, stuffed tomato (looked like tuna salad stuffing) and pastries rounded out the menu.

The cashier did not question my response when after she asked, "How was everything?", I simply said, "O.K.". I am glad that she didn't.

I am not sure what I expected, but with the Childer's name on it, the quality and price of this brunch, certainly was not it.

I still have to try Sunday Brunch at the Par-A-Dice. Any other suggestions?

Or do I just stick with the Bartonville Diner and The Lighthouse in Rome?


The Mrs. said...

Your latest post didn't mention the brunch at Wildlife Prairie State Park. It's delicious!

My favorite part (along with my dining companions') was the chocolate fountain.

I urge you to check it out if you haven't already. Plus with all the acreage there's plenty of opportunity to walk off your full stomach before making the drive home.

connie said...

I'm with you again for the ligthhouse and wouldn't mind trying the dinner too. I have to say wildlife park did have a great bunny brunch but did have to pay the fee to enter.

Kevin Lowe said...

Shame about Childer's. I've heard great things about the Wildlife Prairie Park brunch - would love to try it sometime.

Ramble On said...

Would have to plan to spend some time there and enjoy the park and animals for a bit. $6.50 admission and $13.99 for brunch. Might just have to treat myself after paying real estate taxes in September.