Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Do Have a Soul

I now believe in love at first sight! I have found my "Soul" mate! I made the mistake of looking at one of these babies while getting an oil change and tire rotation. I really did make an honest effort to resist the allure, but to no avail. There was a couple of days wait for the color I wanted to arrive by truck. My Soul arrived and any buyer's remorse that I might have felt dissipated immediately.

I drove it for the next couple of days and now it is parked in the driveway patiently waiting for summer to be over. It may get a little exercise if there is a trip out of town, but otherwise the "little red truck" gets the miles. There is something about driving a 5-speed pick-up truck that stirs a "country girl's heart". Unfortunately, the fishtailing on slick streets does not, therefore bad weather means the truck sits.

Yes, now it can truly be said that I have a "Soul", at least this one!


Pammy said...

I love it! The first time I saw one, I was hooked...I'm pretty sure it's gonna be my next car.

Ramble On said...

Amazing list of standard equipment and a reasonable price tag.

EMERGE said...

City girls dig five speed trucks too... nothing like getting on the road and doing some soul searching with your soul mate.

Now appears to be a great time to purchase a car. Enjoy!

Connie said...

I'm happy for you Willa. It looks like it has to have room too. Hey next time you head for brunch send me an email. I always wanted to try the lighthouse.