Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OK, Peoria

I would ask everyone who reads this (the few that do) to take a look at the Rover or Smokey in your life. Think about how much pleasure the four legged critters in your life give to you. The unconditional love that you get when you walk into your home after having been gone for a bit is irreplaceable.

It concerns me greatly that part of the budget short-fall in the city budget includes a $250,000 cut to PAWS. Whether it is through massive donations of pet food, donation of items to recycle (aluminum, printer cartridges, etc.) the pet owners and animal lovers of Peoria need to step to the plate.

Peoria raises money for all sorts of causes. I remember when the police needed bullet proof vests and the city said the money was not there, citizens raised the money. We can do it again. I am not an organizer. It is pretty chilly for a fund-raising walk, but maybe the park district would have a time when an indoor walk could be done at the RiverPlex....there has to be something that can be done to keep the services of the animal shelter at the level they are now.

Let's all put on our thinking caps. The idea of more strays, fewer spay/neuters, abused or neglected animals, fewer adoptions and fewer services is not what a caring society tolerates.

Again, I ask that you take a look at the "Rover" or "Smokey" in your life. Six of my ten are in the living room with me right now. They are all PAWS adoptions. Only one of the ten is not. That one was a street rescue that didn't have a lay-over at PAWS.

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