Saturday, October 17, 2009

Peoria Animal Welfare Shelter

I stopped by PAWS today to get a copy of their Wish List. PAWS is located at 2600 NE Perry. Their phone is 494-8911. In addition to having their funding restored, here is their Wish List:
Toilet seat covers/fleece mats for cats to lay on
"Kuranda Dog Beds" check the Kuranda web site
Towels - they give lots of baths
Science Diet Kitten food - canned & dry
Science Diet Cat food - dry
Science Diet Puppy & Dog food - dry
Dog biscuits - not rawhide
Kong toys
Tearless puppy & kitten shampoo
Guinea pig/rabbit/hamster/gerbil/bird food - they get those animals too!
Wild bird seed
Plastic cat toys - Busy Balls
Copy paper - colors & white
Liquid laundry detergent - cheap generic is fine
Dishwashing liquid - again, cheap generic is fine
Paper towels
Aluminum cans - there is a recycle bin at PAWS
Ink jet & laser cartridges & cell phones for recycling
Empty coffee cans with lids

Of course, they accept cash donations (and give receipts). They also look for volunteers. Call 682-9015. I still need to talk to the shelter director concerning possible fund raisers the community could do.


Anonymous said...

I'm a volunteer at PAWS and I wonder if there are any other volunteers out there and what has been your experience there?

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