Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Just took a trip down memory lane. Revisiting posts that were made over a year ago. It is interesting how things change, but yet how much they remain the same. I still want to retire, but can't for awhile. The house is still old, but with new siding and windows not as drafty. I am still a Grandma, but now I have two wonderful grandchildren. I still say "Bah Humbug" to this whole season and look forward to January 2, 2010 so things can get back to normal.

Still have the same two dogs from December 2007 and 8 of the 9 cats. I still miss Skyler and Smokey as those cats were a part of my life for so long. The remaining 8 seem healthy and happy. I am still not making any New Year resolutions nor have I gotten back in control to take off the 20 pounds that I have gained over the last several years. Not near where I was at one time, but certainly not where I want to be.

We saved a neighborhood grade school, but lost a high school. The flowers were beautiful this past spring and summer and I hope the black hollyhocks come up next year. We had a National election and the earth still turns on its axis. The economy has gone south over the last two years, but the most recent unemployment numbers are a little better. I am still pretty much a hermit, but really enjoy the forum and blogger friendships that have deepened over the last two years.

I am still looking for the perfect Sunday breakfast. Next stop, Oscar's on Farmington Road!


flam said...

You look Great! I wish I looked as good as you~

Chef Kevin said...

If those black hollys don't come up this spring, give me a yell. We can dig out one of the "wild offspring" that have strayed from the mother plant :)

Rixblix said...

And if they DO come up...will you save me some seeds??

Linda said...

And I will keep helping you search out that perfect breakfast. So far, Bartonville Diner is the current #1.

Conniesue said...

I love this post. Merry Christmas Willa sweet dreams of spring.