Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Will Return!

A block northeast of Spring Street on Adams Street (1420 N.E. Adams, I think) there is a new restaurant that opened recently. In fact the "First Dollar" on the wall is dated November 9th. Several restaurants have opened in that location over the years. I remember when it was Art's and they had a good "down home" breakfast buffet. Usually, a new place would be closed by the time I decided to stop in. Not so, this time. Mel's Cafe was my breakfast spot today. I must say that I was delighted! Good food, reasonable prices and decent coffee. Coffee was even included in the cost of the meal. That alone is pretty rare anymore.

A very large pancake, 2 eggs (cooked as I requested), two sausage patties and the never empty cup of coffee - $5.45 including tax. Mel's is clean and fresh. Diners have their choice of table, booth or counter dining. The staff is the friendliest that I have come across in a long time and certainly added to the enjoyment. Open from 6 AM to 2 PM seven days a week, Mel's Cafe is a great addition to the Near Northside. It is close enough that I may even have to try it for lunch soon.

If supporting a local business is important to you, then Mel's Cafe deserves a visit if you are in the neighborhood. I know, I will return!

UPDATE: Several friends were going to meet at Mel's Cafe for breakfast, but the snowfall of Dec. 26th & 27th had people snowed in. The streets were in pretty bad shape, but since I live fairly close, I decided to go anyway. Again breakfast was very good. I tried a half order of biscuits & gravy. Probably not the best I have ever had, but it was good. Just like last time, there was a copy of the newspaper available to read over breakfast & coffee. Even though the streets were in bad shape and it was still snowing, there was a steady stream of customers. This is one local business I will continue to support.

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