Sunday, December 12, 2010


Blizzard? Well, not quite - at least not in the city, but still, cold and windy. The temperature had dropped a degree and it seemed that the wind had died down for a bit. I figured that it was as good a time as any to get some shoveling done. I brought a shovel up from the basement and went to put the coat, hat and gloves on in preparation. I looked out the front door and saw that one of the young men from The Children's Home' facility (Endeavor) next door had almost finished shoveling my driveway! As I went to work, another youth came out and asked if I needed help. I thanked him and said I was fine. A few minutes later, another youth came out and offered to salt the drive. I thanked him and said that I had plenty of salt in that I had stocked up early.

Endeavor, and the many boys who have made their home there, have been my neighbor ever since I bought this house. These may be (or have been) troubled youth, but over-all, they have been great neighbors over the years. Thanks, guys!

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Rixblix said...

Most excellent. You know, my students (at the ornery kid school) have the kindest hearts when it comes right down to it. I'm glad they've got your back, Ramble!