Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, the City of Peoria is considering raising the "garbage fee" to $14.00 a month. It is not a lot of money and I have not complained about the $6.00 fee, even though I do not like paying it, but this is ridiculous! If taxes (I believe the fee is a tax) need to be raised, I would rather see a small increase in property tax than increasing the garbage fee. Raising the garbage fee seems like the coward's way out. "Gee, people won't vote for me if I vote to raise taxes". Well, I for one, won't vote for any councilperson who votes to raise the garbage fee. With a small increase in property tax folks in $200,000 houses and roll out three toters of garbage each week would be paying their fair share.

I don't want to be forced to buy a particular toter either. I have one that is the perfect size for my single-person household. The huge ones from PDC will not fit between my vehicle and the house. Some of us who live in the older neighborhoods have very narrow driveways. I had one of their brown toters to begin with, it did not fit without moving a vehicle. The old green one from Waste Management was shaped a little differently and would barely fit, but it did.

To sum it up, I will be looking at how the votes go on these issues. Those votes (along with the museum and the "wonderful development" will help determine how I vote in the next council elections.


Emtronics said...

I told you so. yes I did. Remember when it was $24 every 3 months and Turner was concerned of the hardship on fixed income residents who had to lay out $24? So he decided we should pay $6 a month. That was easier? Like taking $72 a year away was easier whether you took it once a month or 4 times a years. $72 is $72. Now it's gonna be a whopping $168 a year. Where is that deep concern from Turner robbing those fixed income folks???

Ramble On said...

Too chicken to go for a tax increase. If a slight increase is needed, then do it. Don't hide it as a fee for something we already pay taxes for! When I had the toter from Waste Management (the one that fit my driveway), I paid my $60 once a year and didn't complain. The toter helps keep the neighborhood somewhat cleaner and yer, I do want my neighbors to put out their trash in covered containers. I just want the freedom to have a container that works with my situation.

Emtronics said...

Emtronics said...

I have no problem with totes either but do you think the poor or those having to make ends meet every payday will buy one or lease it? Nope, they will end up either 1. storing it in the back yard, 2. dumping it someplace else.

Anonymous said...

I will NOT pay more for a service I already pay for. I will not pay they can just put a lean on my house for the differance. Or I will stand outside when they come to pick up and tell them no sail and take to city hall and put it in there dumpster. Hope fully don't get robbed while downtown in that bad area around city hall.

Eye in the Sky

PS what's up with mower on the trail sitting there.