Monday, October 24, 2011

Why Did I Wait So Long

There is a little store front not far from home. I have driven past it numerous times but never stopped. It is now on my list of places to check out now and then. Second Time Around Consignment Shop is located just south of the corner of Prospect and McClure. It is cluttered with all sorts of things! I found several items to add to a couple of my collections and saw numerous items of interest that I didn't need. It was a fun visit.

I went home and rounded up a few items from the basement to take back to the shop and try to sell on consignment. I refuse to invest the time to have a garage sale, so this is a viable option.

If you haven't been to Second Time Around, it is certainly worth a visit. They have been in business on that corner for 20 years.


tls1995 said...

I've been meaning to stop in there but never seems to be over there when they are open. Do you know their hours?

Ramble On said...

Will have to do a double-check, but I know they close at 4 PM.

shay said...

I felt that the entrance can be a little confusing. I saw people leaving out the front door, so I went in & saw no one & no one answered when I loudly said, "Hello!" I eventually figured out that the entrance is actually along the north side of the house. It is just poorly marked.

I agree that there tons of trinkets and oddities that garage sale groupies will love!

Jan said...

Love Ramble on. Like our blog, much les, mean. Lol