Saturday, April 7, 2012

Robinson Park

On more than one occasion I have been told to "go take a hike".  So I did!  Today I went to Robinson Park.  I parked in the lot on the north side of Mossville Road and trekked on the paths on that side of the road.  I made a big loop rather than go on the leg that went to Camp Wokanda.  There are some very steep slopes and I did take advantage of a log bench (and sometimes just a log) to rest a couple of times and I know I got my heart rate up pretty good several times! 

I crossed Mossville Road and hiked around a short loop and then to the bottom of the bluff by way of a different trail.  I was surprised at how many people were out walking today.  The trails were not crowded, but I did see quite a few people.  Saw some deer tracks, but no deer.  I will go to the park again and try the path going on to Camp Wokanda.  It is worth the trip if you enjoy hiking!

Some photos of the North trails:


 And from the South Trail:
Rusty old pump

Another rusty old pump

Old storm cellar?

Again, going down is easier than going up!

I'm glad I took a hike!


Chef Kevin said...

Was going to ask PI, but forgot until I read this and saw the pictures (thanks, BTW). Is any of this mountain bike able or are the trails too narrow?

Ramble On said...

Too narrow and no bikes or skateboards allowed. Sorry.