Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pimiteoui Trail

On a recent walk through Lower Glen Oak Park, I mentioned a trail from Grandview Drive to Forest Park Nature Center.

I decided to check it out again today.  The trail from Grandview Drive begins at the first look-out after turning off Prospect Avenue.  There is signage there about the Pimiteoui Trail and Grandview Drive.

There is a sidewalk on the left side of the outcrop and a path on the right side.  Both lead to the steps that are the beginning of the trail.

I didn't notice the sidewalk until today.  The path is clear of debris, but has a pretty steep slope at times.  Down is much easier than up!

Very quiet in the woods. 

A variety of plant life.

Eagle Scouts built bridges.

My goal is to make it all the way before the end of summer.  I need
to get in shape first.  I turned around at the last hill with all the steps.


Emerge Peoria said...

Awesome. Thank you for the photos, I have been wondering about this trail. I'll have the fam on it soon!

Chef Kevin said...

SaaaWEEEEET! Ramble...definitely need to check this out at my earliest convenience. Thanks for the 411!!!