Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Visit

This evening I returned from a Thanksgiving visit with my daughter, Leah. It was good to see her. When your child moves to Detroit, you have to wonder if she is safe, given the reputation of Detroit. I loved the little neighborhood she lives in. We walked to the local Coney Island for breakfast on Friday morning. On the way back to her house, we stopped in the local bakery and picked up a couple of apple fritters for later. The bakery reminded me of Trefgzer's. A variety of shops and stores lined the street less than two blocks from her house. Old urbanism that the New Urbanists try to recreate! Their street is lined with little 1920's bungalows. The kitchen is antiquated but fun. When was the last time (if ever) that you saw a stove like the one in the picture? I guess I will have to give up some of my old pastel appliances. They will look much better in her home. That kitchen really needs the pink ice crusher and turquoise mixer. The bathroom has pink fixtures and plastic "ceramic" tile on the walls. Of course the tile is gray with pink trim! An archway takes you from the dining room to the living room. There is a little front porch to sit on while watching the world go by.

We drove through downtown Detroit a couple of times. It was clean and beautiful. I know there are areas of Detroit that are ugly, I saw some. But it was nothing like I remember from a number of years ago. On Friday, we went down to where she works. The office was closed, but the guard for tower four of the GM building let her take me up. Her office overlooks the Detroit River. She has a clear view of Windsor, Ontario. I would be daydreaming all the time. With the freeway and interstate system that crisscrosses the city, it takes longer to go from the parking deck to her office than it does to drive to work.

She has a nice young man for a mate, a challenging job, increasing music gigs and a comfortable home. She is happy. I saw it for myself and that makes me happy.

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Katie said...

Ramble, what a nice post! Her kitchen is adorable and her neighborhood sounds incredibly charming. I'm glad to hear you had such a great time!