Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cracked, not broken

I cracked! I posted on the forum. Just as I sometimes bite my tongue to avoid saying something, I tired of biting my fingers to stop from typing something. I admit to lurking on the forum since my last post on 10/26. There were a few times I nearly posted because I thought I had something to add to the thread and other times a smart-*ss comment came to mind. I resisted as long as I could. I cracked!

Cracked, yes - broken NO! Sitting back and doing (saying) nothing is something I did many years ago and I have struggled with that history for a long time. Staying out of that trap is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place. It has never been easy for me to "put myself out there". Posting on the forum was another step in that effort.

Attending the Blogger Bash on Tuesday was a giant leap in that direction. I am usually leery of social situations where I don't know anyone - old insecurities crop up! I finally convinced myself that fellow bloggers were not total strangers - I knew something of them from their blogs or their posts and I really wanted to actually meet many of them. I am so glad I went, even if I was at the "girl's table". They were some very nice, intelligent, funny, and interesting "girls" if I may say so.

Yes, I cracked. Not to have would have been to be broken.


Katie said...

I saw the 'crack'! It was great comment and it made me smile.

I hate going places where I know no one as well. In fact I wouldn't have gone to my first bash had my friend not taken me.

"Interesting" almost doesn't do this group justice. It is one entertaining mess of people.

Hopefully we can pull of the girl's bash (or a holiday bash for all) and we can all get together again soon!

My Flock Rocks! said...

Glad to see you back on the forum! Sorry I missed the bash on Tuesday. I was hoping to meet you as well as others~ I talked to other bloggers that attended and they said you were so sweet! Let's get the hen party as Billy described it organized!

prepossessing said...

I am glad you came to the Blogger's Bash. I think the girl's table was the most fun.

Teresa said...

I am all about a girls the immortal words of The Black eyed Peas..."Let's Get It Started In Here!"

Yay for chicks!


Peoria Pundit said...

"Cracked," huh?

Sounds like a hen party alright.