Sunday, September 21, 2008


Although I have been a Grandma for almost 3 years, I finally feel like a Grandma! I received an e-mail asking if it would be possible for me to come down and watch Angie from mid-day Saturday until mid-day Sunday. Now, I know I have a granddaughter and Angie knows she has a Mamaw, but we live 90 miles apart and don't see each other all that often. She has often been shy when I see her. She warms up, but it takes a bit.

It has been a long time since I have been alone with a three year old for any length of time. I must say, it went well. Even though I watched more Sponge Bob than I care to talk about! We played (rocks and flower petals are wonderful objects), went to the park, went for a walk (actually, I pulled her in the little red wagon), walked again (this time she pedaled the Big Wheel), looked at photographs and watched videos, among other things.

This Grandma business is pretty cool!


Diane Vespa said...

It's kind of like riding a bike. Once you get back on you just start going again! Lol!

Ch yah said...

Ramble, that was a really sweet post. That's great that you were able to experience such quality time with her. My son loves his grandmother more than anyone besides his parents, because she takes the time for him, and relishes every second of it herself. May you be blessed to have this happen again for you sometime soon:)

Conniesue said...

Beautiful post. They just make your heart happy, don't they? Have a great weekend.