Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, My Goodness!

Just left Eamon Patrick's Sunday brunch buffet. Now, I like a good buffet and I like a good breakfast, but I have to say, this was absolutely the best Sunday brunch I have been to. Cheese eggs were not runny and there was lots of cheese. Shepard's Pie was to die for! Biscuits and gravy were probably the best I have had. Omelet bar, Belgium waffles, fruit, salads, and other items too numerous to mention. And the desserts! Creme puffs, cheesecake, tarts, turnovers, pie and chocolate cake - enough to please any palate.

Eamon Patrick's Sunday brunch buffet is definitely on my "at least once a month" list! $12.95 + drink and tax and worth every penny.

By the way, there was a great looking Bloody Mary bar, too! Do yourself a favor and check it out!


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

I was sorry to miss brunch with you, my aunt invited our family to her home this morning... Sounds like I'll have to get to Eamon's however, for the great food!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Best brunch I've had. Well worth it. The Burgundy Beef was excellent too - great on the smashed potatoes.

Highly recommended.

Flam said...

Most definitely have to check it out!

Themis said...

We'll have to do it again for June!

shay said...

Thank you for the idea. Their kitchen is phenomenal, but I didn't have any idea that they offered Sunday brunch.


Ramble On said...

Update: Sad to say that Eamon Patrick's is no longer serving Sunday Brunch.