Friday, May 8, 2009

Up It Goes

The siding is going up! The bottom part of the back and all of the back porch are done. It will definitely look like a different house when the job is complete.

Bought a new door for the front and for the driveway-side entrance. I have been watching closely and asking questions. And, no, the guys have not killed me yet for bothering them. They know I want to learn how to do things myself. I have decided to try to do the siding on the garage. I think I can do it. May have to ask more questions though and get a new tool or two (I don't have a good pair of snips), but I really want to do it! The other DIY project I want to do is glass block the basement windows. I have been told that the new systems are easy to work with, but we shall see.

Hope the weather holds!


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Your home is getting quite the facelift! I hope you took before pictures so you can show off all the work you've done. Can't wait to see the finished stained glass window too!

EMERGE said...

I hope the weather holds for you. I have been tiling my kitchen, just waiting for a day to get out and cut tile. It's either too nice to cut tile or raining! What's a DIYer to do?

Themis said...

Well I have a long list of 'to-do's', but certainly not as grand as what you've been up to. I agree with before and after photos - would be nice to compare what use to be with what you've done!