Monday, July 6, 2009

More Bloomers

It is not what you might be thinking. It is my belief that flowers are the decorations on the tree of life. Mother Nature's way of smiling. Weeds are simply flowers growing where you do not want them. The white mass among the Black Eyed Susan's is Queen Anne's Lace, considered a weed, but it is truly beautiful. This is one single flower head! I pull a lot of it, but try to let a few plants flower for their delicate beauty. They will take over a garden if you are not careful.

Domesticated thistle is a cousin of the large thistle that is seen growing along the highway. The blooms are a beautiful shade of blue. I am quite sure there are people who consider all thistles weeds, but I look forward to these blooming every year.

Purple coneflowers are the most common, but there are other
colors. The garden has a few white ones. There used to be yellow ones too, but they may have been damaged while the house was being worked on. In the last couple of years, some new colors have been introduced. They are pretty expensive right now and I am waiting for them to come down in price. I have seen the new orange ones and the green ones. Both are wonderful and will likely make their way into the garden by next year!

There are so many types of Lillies and I have never found one that I did not like! But, then I have never found a flower that I didn't like!

Another weed. Wild phlox. Darn stuff comes up every year. It isn't as pretty as the cultivated variety, but a nice addition anyway.

Columbine is one of the favorite
blooms in the garden.

Mother Nature is smiling!

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