Monday, July 13, 2009

The Next Generation

You raise your kids and are so glad that they actually turned out pretty darn good, despite all the mistakes that you, as a parent, made along the way. Now, those kids I raised with the help of my family, extended family and friends that stepped in when needed, are the next generation of parents raising the next generation of children.

Was I strict enough that they will instill discipline? Was I patient enough for them to have tolerance? Did I instill good values that will be passed on? No, wait! I didn't learn those from my parents, I tried to do better. I think they will too. They seem to be adapting to parenthood.

My son has a daughter and my daughter has a son. I guess that is fair. They and their spouses have given me two beautiful grandchildren - Angie and Evren. Angie will be 4 on October 10th and Evren will be two months on July 28th.

So, with Grandma Bragging Rights intact, here they are!

Angie and her Daddy.

Evren and his Mommy.


EMERGE said...

Brag on Grandma - you have a lovely family - enjoy them grandkids!

Themis said...

I still think Angie looks like a little Ramble! Great pics, great family! Ya done good.