Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gibson Pathway

This trail leads from Grandview Drive down to Rt. 29 where Al Fresco Amusement Park was located in the early 1900's.  The trail has not been maintained for many years (not maintained is saying it mildly).  The trailhead is not marked.  Across from the parking lot for the Peoria Country Club there is a sidewalk that curves around a fire hydrant and on the other side of the sidewalk is a large tree with a hole at the bottom.  By this tree is some old concrete that marks the starting point.  We worked our way down toward the creek at the bottom.  Most of the way, there was no real sign of a useable trail - just sort of had to figure out which way was the best of multiple evils!  Eventually, we reached a point where we could follow the creek.  It required crossing that creek several times, holding on to young trees, hugging old trees and going over or under numerous fallen trees.  When no trees were close, you just take your chances sliding on wet leaves and mud!  By following the creek, we finally came to a large pile of rocks that marked the end of our trek.  I enjoyed the challenge of the hike, but will probably do my hiking on better maintained trails!  We crossed Rt. 29 to the area where the amusement park had been located.

No real trail - take your chances

       Which way to go?

A challenging hike to say the least!

Grateful for the trees and logs that served as "handholds".

A few spots were pretty clear.

Really pretty when the sunlight peaks through.             


A pause now and then made the journey easier.            

Some areas leave one feeling like an explorer!

Challenging for sure!               

Just keep going......

and going......

and going.....

Civilization is in sight and ear shot!

Pile of rocks mark the end of the trail

Rt. 29, looking back at the rock pile.

Looking across Rt. 29

Illinois River was very pretty today.

It was just a couple of engines, not a long train!                                    
Very glad that we had parked a vehicle at the bottom and could drive back to the trailhead.  Walking back up through that "wilderness" would have been more than I would want to do!


PeoriaIllinoisan said...

Gotta admit - that was fun, but I'm never doing it again!

Chef Kevin said...

I don't know...I think I would try it again on a nice cool fall day when it hasn't rained in a week.