Monday, May 7, 2012

Pimiteoui Trail - Part 2

Going on Forest Park Drive yesterday, I finally saw the entrance to the Pimiteoui Trail that is located across from the Nature Center.  Since it is my goal to walk the entire 1.25 miles of the trail, I thought I would see what it is like from this end.  I have started from Grandview Drive a couple of times, but have not made it all the way yet.

I crossed the bridge and began the climb to the top of this portion of the trail.  There are some stairs and a bench that I rested on when headed back toward the Nature Center.  By the bench is a post called the Listening Point 

I did not make it all the way to the point that I had reached when I started from Grandview Drive.  Did see some very pretty landscape, a glimpse of the Illinois River and a clear view of the Peoria Heights water tower.

I also saw a deer.  Unfortunately, I had not learned to use my zoom, but trust me she is there!

I still want to walk the entire trail, but only one way.  So if there is someone who wants to walk it, we can leave a vehicle in the Nature Center parking lot, I'm game!


PeoriaIllinoisan said...

I'm game, but gotta admit my leg muscles are still a little sore from Sunday's hike.

Ramble On said...

Pick a day. Every day is a weekend day for me!

Lanfear said...

I hike at the Nature Center all the time. I usually do what I call "the perimeter" - basically the outline of the trails on the nature center side. It is about 3.5 miles with 3 hills. I think it is easier than the 1.25 pimiteoui. I have always wanted to work up to doing the perimeter and then the pimiteoui up to Grandview and back. (6 miles) Maybe this year!

HipKat said...

I love hiking so any day I'm not at work or with my kids, I'm up for it